Theme Songs #15

Cheer It On- Tokyo Police Club

I sort of forgot about this band until I saw they had a new album that I’m unlikely to listen to. Instead, I choose to remember the song with their name in it. There were just too many goddamn indie rock bands by the mid 2000s. Many were lost in the shuffle, but I honestly believe that a lot of that stuff will be remembered fondly in the collective conscious.

The Old Band #11

Digital Underground

2Pac’s old band

Chicago’s Finest #9

CM Punk

If you’re still intrigued but don’t know much about wrestling, read this.

Also note the Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt, a rare instance of a wrestler wearing another guy’s merch. Punk and Austin share a connection to legendary East Coast wrestling promoter Paul Heyman, and an ability to channel their real life issues into killer promos.


This is a tumblr thing that I should be doing more.

The Poor Man’s… #5

Shia Labeouf is the poor man’s…

James Franco

The Art Of St. Ides #6

Tupac and Snoop Dogg

Fictional Evil Corporations #12


Pootie Tang

Same Name Different Thang #4

Nick Cave and Nick Cave

Groundbreaking And Racist #4



Dude Duos #15

Lenny and Squiggy